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Because they are so manoeuvrable, quadcopters could be useful in all kinds of situations and environments. Quadcopters capable of autonomous flight could help remove the need for people to put themselves in any number of dangerous positions. This is a prime reason that research interest has been increasing over the years.

Unlike most helicopters, quadcopters use two sets of identical fixed pitched propellers; two clockwise (CW) and two counter-clockwise (CCW). These use variation of RPM to control lift and torque. Control of vehicle motion is achieved by altering the rotation rate of one or more rotor discs, thereby changing its torque load and thrust/lift characteristics.

Zero Steadi 470 quadcopter is a multirotor developed by Zero Tech and it is constructed of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy. Zero Steadi 470 is the smallest multirotor marketed by Zero Tech (as of 2013). Specification:



Quadcopters and other multicopters often can fly autonomously. Many modern flight controllers use software that allows the user to mark “way-points” on a map, to which the quadcopter will fly and perform tasks, such as landing or gaining altitude. Other flight applications include crowd control between several quadcopters where visual data from the device is used to predict where the crowd will move next and in turn direct the quadcopter to the next corresponding waypoint.

I took my quadcopter (once, for testing purposes, legally – see with camera and altimeter (upper right) up as high as it woul…

DJI is a Chinese technology company headquartered in Shenzhen which produces commercial and recreational UAVs, including the Phantom quadcopter. DJI UAVs are designed for aerial photography and videography.

AI Bird hexacopter is a multirotor MAV with a pair of skids as landing gear, and it is intended aerial survey / photography applications. This hexacopter is the smaller cousin of its smaller cousin quadcopter. Specification:

More recently quadcopter designs have become popular in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) research. These vehicles use an electronic control system and electronic sensors to stabilize the aircraft. With their small size and agile maneuverability, these quadcopters can be flown indoors as well as outdoors.

The best starter quadcopter for you will be based on what you want out of the hobby. I know that is a general statement but I’ll give you detailed specifics that I hope will help you. The first question is will you being flying both indoors and outdoors. I’d suggest both because it will give you the greatest amount of time to practice.

The only real bad thing that I’ve found about the quadh20 quadcopter is the price can be up there for some people. I suppose the color could get to you if you didn’t care for yellow, red, or white.

The electrical components needed to construct a working quadcopter are similar to those needed for a modern RC helicopter. They are the electronic speed control module, on-board computer or controller board, and battery. Typically, a hobby transmitter is also used to allow for human input.

The waterproofing is a huge industry advantage. Many of the most advanced quadcopters can’t claim this feature. No more worrying about crashing into water and melting like the wicked witch. Sure, there are some out there similar. But, not to being able to meet this quality.

If your budget is a bit better (about $180), I’d suggest the Blade 180 QX. This is a larger quadcopter yet it can still be flown inside. Similar to the Nano, it is is relatively stable in flight which means less crashes and more time to gain the reaction timing needed.

There are some world-class engineering research laboratories currently developing more advanced control techniques and applications for quadcopters. These include mainly MIT’s Aerospace Controls Lab, ETH’s Flying Machine Arena, and University of Pennsylvania’s General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) Lab.


Eagle Eye (Ying-Yan or Yingyan, 鹰眼) is a quadcopter develop by Zero Tech mainly for aerial cinematography and photography missions. Land gear consists of a pair of skids. Specification:

Phantom is a series of quadcopter developed by DJI, and the landing gear consists of a pair of skids. Phantom series quadcopters are mainly intended for aerial cinematography and photography applications.

Having wanted to buy a quadcopter for some time I stumbled upon the Q4 (also known as the Estes ProtoX) which instantly caught my attention as it was so small! Having watched a few videos and seeing what it was capable of I was very surprised to find this item was available for such a low price. I decided it was worth a go and bought my Q4 from the eBay link below, and I couldn’t be happier! As an experienced RC flier (of planes) but being totally new to quadcopters I can say that this is an excellent product for anyone interested in RC flying on a tiny scale. I’ve flown little RC helicopters before and although they’re fun, in my experience the level of control and the durability of such models leaves quite a bit to be desired. It was for these reasons that the Q4 stood out as it has none of these issues.



In addition, there’s nothing special about quadcopters. The only information that really applies specifically to quadcopters as opposed to the broader slice of multirotors is the exact configurations of the propellers, and that can be in either article regardless. Further, the default for professional use is at least a hexacopter/Y6, if not an octocopter, so I forsee the exact configurations expanding and becoming less standardized in the future.

Welcome to a new series we’re calling Fun Flight Fridays. We’re having a lot of fun learning the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ quadcopter, and want to share our test…

Once you receive your Hubsan X4 Quadcopter you will have the task of setting up before you are able to fly it for the first time. Basically if you follow the instruction book it should be straightforward enough to get you flying in a matter of minutes.

Quadrotor → Quadcopter – The term “quadcopter” is more frequently used in news and web searches, indicating it is more natural per WP:NAMINGCRITERIA. “Quadcopter” is as recognizable as “quadrotor”, and arguably more precise as it better conveys that the term refers to an aircraft. Ibadibam (talk) 21:57, 4 June 2013 (UTC)

Flame Wheel (Feng-Huo-Lun or Fenghuolun, 风火轮) is a series of multirotors developed by DJI. As of 2013, and there are a total of three, the hexacopter Flame Wheel F550, and quadcopters Flame Wheel F330 and Flame Wheel F450, all of them are electrically powered.

The Scout is a vertical take-off and landing VTOL quadcopter requiring no launch equipment. It can hover in a fixed position and weighs 060;lb (460;kg) without payload.

It is a drone, so it does have a camera pointing forward and a camera on the bottom. The bottom camera is mainly for the quadcopter to know where it’s at so it ca hold it’s position in hover mode, however it is still possible to record flight and/or get live feed from, although it will be a bit grainy. The front camera is a bit more funtionable, and is capable of recording flights, taking pictures, and getting decent live stream to whatever device your using to control it. I say “decent” because depending on your wifi strength, the feed can become glitchy. So don’t plan on flying FPV.

After trying (and crashing) numerous vehicles, I put my flight wings on hold until I could find something that was enjoyable and crash resistant. At that point my focus turned towards quadcopters. Since trying quadcopters, I have become more addicted but in a more economic and practical way. These vehicles are a lot easier to control, less crash-prone and a heck of a lot of fun. So if you are new in the hobby, I’d suggest you try a quadcopter first. But which one? You can spend anywhere between $100 and $600 trying to find the perfect starter. This article presents some suggestions based on my experience.

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The Phantom 2 Vision+ can connect to the remote control’s wifi signal from up to 700m. This allows you to automatically synchronize photos and videos you make with your quadcopter with your smartphone. No need to plugin a computer or remove the SD card.

The animated charts work best in the Chrome browser. If you run your mouse along the lines it should show the figures for that date, and also offer some links to news stories that used either Quadcopter or Quadrotor. You can get a country breakdown by clicking on the list icon next to the Regional Interest map. It is clear from all this that the two terms are both still actively in use, but the trend is towards Quadcopter. Istobe (talk) 00:08, 9 June 2013 (UTC)

The best starter quadcopter will depend on your preferences. One of the best places to find such models is your local hobby shop. Since Blade is such a popular brand, you are likely to find both of the above models there.



There are numerous advantages to using quadcopters as versatile test platforms. They are relatively cheap, available in a variety of sizes and their simple mechanical design means that they can be built and maintained by amateurs. Due to the multi-disciplinary nature of operating a quadcopter, academics from a number of fields need to work together in order to make significant improvements to the way quadcopters perform. Quadcopter projects are typically collaborations between computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering specialists.

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Sorry to shout with that big chart, but the small text at the bottom is otherwise not visible. Google has an excellent Explore Trends tool. It allows you to find out what keywords are being typed in by all its users worlwide. The results can be broken down by date, and by region. Here’s what it says in response to a query about Web search interest in Quadcopter and Quadrotor, worldwide over the past 12 months.

From a look at things people decided that WP:GHITS were sufficent to look at for WP:COMMONNAME, when the search for “quadcopter” shows swaems of little radio-control jobs that wanted a hip, marketable name. Looking at Google Books, on the other hand, shows a very different picture, with 2,860 hits for “quadrotor”, but only 546 for “quadcopter” – quite a few of which appear to be novels that use the term as a “hip” and “modern tech” name. A search of shows “quadrotor” being more common 67 to 8, while a search of all .mil domains shows 126 results for “quadrotor” but only three for “quadcopter”. “Quadcopter” may be becoming the more common name, but it is not there yet, and Wikipedia is not supposed to lead trends, but follow them. – The Bushranger One ping only 04:07, 16 June 2013 (UTC)

AI Bird quadcopter is a multirotor MAV with a pair of skids as landing gear, and it is intended aerial survey / photography applications. This quadcopter is the smaller cousin of its larger cousin hexacopter. Specification:

It is not necessary to keep adding that these are drones in the lead para. Most earlier quadcopters were manned aircraft and their use as unmanned aircraft is fully explained in the fourth para in the lead section. Putting in “unmanned quadcopters are also called drones, however this is a more general term that applies also to other non-quadrotor vehicles.” is like putting in “Cars are also called vehicles, however this is a more general term that applies also to other non-car vehicles.” It adds nothing to the article of any value. – Ahunt (talk) 13:22, 3 November 2014 (UTC)

Want to learn to do more than just hover your quadcopter? This flight tutorial video will help you learn how to fly and turn your quadcopter. Horizontal tran…
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