Looking for the right pair of goggles can be very hard, different googles fit differently some leak some are uncomfortable only after wearing them for long periods of time. I like the Aqua Sphere range of goggles personally, they have a fit that suits my face and i like the 180 degree vision the Aqua Sphere Kaiman gives me.

Aqua Sphere goggles are available in a variety of sizes and models. The Seal KidSwim Mask small shape with flexible frame will give your child excellent eye protection in the water or for a smaller type of goggle try the moby kid easy to fit with an updated version of the easy-adjust buckle system that sets Aqua Sphere goggles apart from the competition.

The Aqua Sphere Kaiman which is my preference, these goggles provide a superior comfort and great vision under the water. The tinted goggles are perfect if you train outdoors they reduce the glare, I find them not so good indoors. I have a pair of the blue lenses for indoor swimming. I also use them outside when its not sunny. Aqua Sphere Kaiman is available in different sizes to suit children and adults, they have customized version of these goggles for women. Available with a clear, blue, tinted or mirrored lens so you can be prepared for any conditions.

Why is the 180 degree vision so different? If you have been swimming alot you will know that most goggles provide very limited vision(about 70 degrees). So if your an open water swimmer and need to look around you will need to move your head all about. However with 180 degree vision you will be able to look around more easily by just moving your eyes. The lens are made with Plexisol, an exclusive and patented material that, compared to plastic used in most goggles on the market offers clear longer lasting results.

If your a competition swimmer and drag is important to you Aqua Sphere Kayenne may be the goggles for you. With a super slim micro frame keeping the goggles close for low-drag performance. Without compromising the features you have come to enjoy when using Aqua Sphere Goggle range. Available with a clear, blue or tinted lens so you can be prepared for any conditions.

Aqua Sphere goggles come with standard features that include;
Easy Adjust buckle system
100% UVA and UVB protection
scratch resistant coating
Anti Fog Coating
180 Degree vision

For more information about swimming goggles and the Aqua Sphere Kaiman visit my website http://aquaspheregoggles.org

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