A car which brakes on its own accord used to be the stuff of science fiction movies but has now become available on an increasingly number of new car models including one of the most sold ones in Britain, the Ford Focus, which can be bought with an optional Driver Assistance Pack which includes this technology.

The way this potentially life-saving technology works is that a specially fitted laser continuously scans the road ahead and if it detects a car you haven’t noticed, it will send a warning to hit the brakes and the car will come to a complete stop. The technology involved is called ‘autonomous emergency braking’ and it’s currently the big buzz word in car safety and scientist predicts it is a technology which all car manufacturers will eventually sign up to.

Although you currently get it as an optional package on cars such as the Ford Focus, you should also be able to get in on Ford vans Slough is one area where a local dealership should be able to advice on this new exciting and potentially life-saving technology. The technology is also available on cars from manufacturers such as Honda, Audi, Volvo and Toyota to name a few.

Loughborough University in Britain has looked into the potential benefits of this new technology and has calculated that if it was fitted on all cars in Britain, 64 deaths and 650 serious injuries could be prevented in the UK every year in addition to 2,700 fewer pedestrian casualties as the technology is being adapted to also identify people in the road. Any future versions of this type of technology would probably also be able to recognise animals.

So next time you go shopping for a new car, it might be worth enquiring if the vehicle has the option of getting this technology fitted as it would help make Britain’s roads safer.

Amy Sawyer is an online marketing executive currently researching Ford vans in Slough.

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