Building a sauna does not require any specialized skills or wits.  Anybody can do it successfully and make it look like any other that has been made by a professional.  The most important things that you need to have before initiating the building is wood/plywood and heater.

Other tools required include a four bulb sockets, four 250 watt red heat bulbs, one switch board, a wire to use in connecting the bulbs to the switch, a male plug in, ½ thick plywood with a height of 40 and a width of 15 and around 10 screws.

The building process begins by fixing the wood and plywood with screws.  They should be made to have a diamond shape so that thy looks like a narrow and long piece of diamond.


Take the wires and connect them in a parallel way so that not a single bulb gets in the way with the entire construction.  A switch board that can be turned on and off is better than using a plug that may easily get wet.


The set up of the sauna should then be placed against the walls for adequate support and prevent them from falling.


Do not touch the wires or the bulbs when it is switched on or you might be electrocuted.  If there is something you need to touch, first switch off.


When building a sauna, the children should not be too close to the site.  If they show interest or they want to be involved in building, have them put on protective clothing.


When making the enclosure, use softwood such as cedar or plywood.  This is to ensure that the material used has the capability of withstanding harsh heat.  These materials should measure up to around 6 or 7 feet in height and a width of 4 to 5 feet.


Make a sliding entry door that opens halfway.  Fiber glass of a thickness of three inches can be used to access the door.  The top should over be left open to act as a ventilation and let steam out of the sauna.


If you are building an outside sauna, you should first check with the authorities.  The area should have a good supply of both water and power.


The electric stoves being used should be of the same size as the sauna.  The more you increase the sauna, the more you are supposed to increase the capacity of the sauna’s kilowatts.


Before making the sauna available for use, let an electrician check out the lighting and the heating system of the sauna.


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