Many arm chair couch potato Generals sit and scream at the TV when it comes to fighting wars. Convenient indeed, sitting their calling the shots and complaining about what is going on at the unit or ground level – how on Earth would they know what is going on, as whatever is on the TV is hardly real.

Information seems to be power and therefore, I must recommend that those who wish to educate themselves on the US war efforts learn a little bit about Unmanned Vehicles and the Future Fighting Force. Where can you learn more? Well there are many sources which provide me with information and allow the intake needed to prepare a paper in 2-days off the top of my head about the subject.

The Internet has been a wonderful tool and the many online newsletters in Robotics, Unmanned Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, Defense Topics, Space, Automotive, Trucking, Communication, Materials and Bleeding Edge Research are immensely valuable. Other good sources of reality based information include all the digital online libraries at the major Universities for sharing their knowledge.

Consider all the magazines on the subject and information in Aviation Week and Space Technologies, Space Daily Express and the top Defense Magazines. Of course first you ought to read the US Army’s Future Fighting Force Roadmaps and reports to Congress. They are put out each year along with those from the US Air Force Research Lab and the US Navy.

Perhaps if you really want to learn more, check out the DARPA Robotic Unmanned Vehicles Competitions that propel this area of science. That ought to give one a start in learning all about the future of Unmanned Vehicles in the modern battlespace.

Indeed, even if war is something you do not wish to think about, I see a tremendous future potential with the transfer technologies for Trucking, Transportation, Policing, Border Patrol and preventing auto accidents. The DARPA Team and their public relations efforts, contests and hospitality has been nothing short of a class act. These efforts help to bring forth a new generation of engineers focused on the unmanned ground vehicle mission. All in all, it’s all good.

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