If the patient did not show any swelling of glands below the ear, but other signs and symptoms leads to mumps so it doubt the diagnosis, Doctors will give an order to do further tests such as blood serum. At less there are 3 test serums (serologic) to prove the specific mumps antibodies: antibodies, complement fixation (CF), Hemagglutination inhibitor antibodies (HI), virus neutralizing antibodies (NT).

Mumps is an RNA viral disease that forms part of the paramyxovirus family. It is spread through contaminated items and surfaces. This virus is mostly known to affect children from two through to twelve, however adults can also be affected. The virus incubation period is between sixteen to eighteen days, ranging from twelve to twenty five days after exposure to the virus. People are at a higher risk of infection if they spend time around someone one either two days prior and/or five days after the swelling of the glands. Unvaccinated people tend to have a higher risk of contracting the virus.

The MMR-autism flap began in 1998 when Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a British bowel specialist, conducted a chart review of twelve patients. Really, I’m not making this up. Twelve patients. Based on that chart review, Dr Wakefield concluded that MMR causes intestinal inflammation, which leads to “leaky bowel,” which allows harmful toxins to enter the body. These toxins then travel to the brain and cause autism. Since every autistic child in the developed world had received an MMR vaccine and since autism is most commonly diagnosed between the first and second birthdays, around the time of the MMR, many parents of autistic children clung to the report like a colony of mold on old bread.

The name ‘mumps’ comes undoubtedly from the appearance caused by the disease. Here those infected will find that their glands around the jaw and around the neck swell up to create the appearance of a large swollen lower jaw. This is the main and most visible symptom of mumps and is known by its technical term of ‘parotid inflammation’. This does not occur in every case of mumps but around 65% infections – and 95% of those that show symptoms of any kind. The reason for this name is that it is the salivary glands (the glands in our mouth that cause the production of saliva) and in particular the parotid gland. In some cases this inflammation will appear unilateral meaning that it is only present on one side though it is more commonly bilateral (around 90% of cases are bilateral).

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