RC Tarantula – 2.4GHz Frequency, Support Android + iOS

RC Tarantula - 2.4GHz Frequency, Support Android + iOS

  • 2.4GHz Frequency
  • Support Android + iOS
  • Control the RC robot from your iPhone / Android phone / iPod / iPad
  • Select between touch screen or gravity controlled modes
  • Function: Forward / Backward / Left / Right / Stop

RC Tarantula

RC Tarantula has 2.4GHz Frequency plus it supports both Android and iOS so you have full control of wherever it goes.

Radio Controlled Tarantula
This robotic spider sync to either your Android or iOS device then using the download application that can be found on either the Google Play store or Apple store, you can have full control of this creepy crawly. You can control by either touch screen or gravity and choose forward, backward, left turn or right turn for di

List Price: $ 30.88


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