#parrott – White Hashtag Ceramic 1.5oz Shot Glass

#parrott - White Hashtag Ceramic 1.5oz Shot Glass

  • When you need a shot of whiskey, tequilla, vodka, gin, or whatever alcohol, look to our 1.5oz ceramic shot glass.
  • This shot glass is durable enough for the dishwasher or the microwave.
  • This is perfect for a party, gathering, or if you like drinking alone.

When you are feeling saucy and you need something to say it without saying it, grab this shot glass and fill it with your favorite liquid. It should be alcohol but if that is not your fancy, do as you please.

List Price: $ 15.95

Price: $ 15.95

Parrott AR. Drone 2.0 Quadcopter, Ready to fly! New Battery!

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MOKAO Flexible Gimbal Flat PCB Cable With Glass Film Lens Protector For DJI MAVIC PRO (Black)

MOKAO Flexible Gimbal Flat PCB Cable With Glass Film Lens Protector For DJI MAVIC PRO (Black)

  • ♥Engineered 100% DJI compatible w/extra heavy power traces for higher performance
  • ♥Compatible Model: DJI Mavic Pro Flexible Gimbal Flat Cable
  • ♥Each Cable was tested before shipping
  • ♥Products are very economic,efficient and affordable.
  • ♥After-sales service:Did not receive the goods, the items are not satisfied, the product does not work, contact us for re-issued or refund

– 100% Brand new and high quality!
– Each Cable was tested before shipping
– Compatible Model: DJI Mavic Pro Flexible Gimbal Flat Cable
– Engineered 100% DJI compatible w/extra heavy power traces for higher performance
– Two sided tape included allowing placement on the gimbal first at strategic points for easier beginner installation

Packing include:
1 * DJI Mavic Pro Gimbal Flex Cable, 1 * Glass Film Lens Protector

List Price: $ 11.78


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Smart Glass is the popular term used to describe electronically switchable glass.  A small electrical current changes the opacity of the glass pane so that once can control the transparency of the surface. This is “electric frosting” can done via a wall switch, light sensors, movement sensors or a remote control.  The fact that the methods of control range from basic a dimmer switch and to mass integration into a building’s or vehicle’s intelligent control system mean that there are hundreds of options available to architect and engineers today.

Typically Smart Glass refers to an entire glass sheet that was manufactured specifically for this purpose but some suppliers offer the cheaper alternative of pasting electronically-controlled laminates into existing surfaces. Such laminates do tend to have a lower lifespan and are not recommended for commercial applications. The term sometimes also applies to when an electro-chromatic function is added to plastic polymers for a similar transparency control.

Building Facades, Skylights, Doors and Windows

Smart Glass surfaces have the benefit of controlling both privacy and the amount of light that is allows into the interior of a building. Allowing more natural light into the building reduces heating requirements in winter and allowing less light into the building in summer reduces glare as well as cooling costs.  Apart from lower building energy usage the switchable glass provides an elegant solution to privacy control. Intuitive Systems can be installed to automatically respond to light levels or individual installations can be controlled by the room occupant.

Hospitality Interiors

Hospitality suppliers often use Smart Glass for privacy screen between areas (Bathroom/bedroom), external windows, doors as well as toilet or shower cubicles. Glass partitioning in larger areas such as conference rooms, bars and restaurants is often installed with flexibility in mind and features such as mobile screens and projection screens commonly provide this flexibility.

Medical Interiors

Smart Glass is inherently easier to clean and more hygienic than traditional blinds and will often be used to create modern post operation and isolation single-bed units. In such delicate environments, extra care must be taken to protect those who are most vulnerable to infection, patients and healthcare personnel. In examination areas, privacy on demand is a concept that allows practitioners to select opacity levels of the glass walls to suit the needs of the moment.

Some manufacturers can even tailor the units to suit varying healthcare requirements such as fire rated, x-ray proof and impact resistant glass.

Marine and Aviation Applications

Glass itself is often too heavy to be considers for wide scale applications in Marine and Aviation engineering so most “Smart Glass” is actually more accurately described as a “Smart Polymer”.  These lightweight cousins of smart glass still operate on the principle of electronically switchable opacity and include:  windows, partitions and cabin dividers.

Rail and Car

The two main concerns when installing electric glass partitions on trains, trams cars and similar ar driver privacy and security.

Kiosks and Promotional Cubicles

A kiosk with controllable opacity allows for dramatic effect whether you are displaying a large product such as a car or are projecting visual media onto the walls of your display. Different portions of such cubicles can be controlled separately and can add an enticing element to launches, information based displays and sales points.

Smart Glass International is a leading manufacturer of custom Smart Glass products in Europe for worldwide distribution.

Hobbyking X525 V3 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame 600mm

The Hobbyking X525 V3 quadcopter frame has arrived! TheHobbyking X525quadcopter frame is a high qualityglass fiber frame that offers both great looks and performance. Built from light weight yet extremely rigidglass fiber and aluminum, theX525offers a great combination of weight savings and strength. The X525’saggressive styling makes it look more likea deadly weapon than a quad frame, while still offering excellent functionality and performance! This quad framefeaturesa very nicely finishedglass fiber main frame, shock-absorbing landing legs and folding aluminumarms. The shock-absorbing landing legs are a great feature to handle thoserough landings that we all have from time to time. We also offer afull line of quad electronics such as quadcopter controlboard, ESC, motors and more, soit has never been easieror more affordable to get a quad in the air! All necessary hardware is included. Specs: Width: 600mmMotor Bolt Holes: 14~30mmRequired: Multi-Rotor control board15~25A Brushless ESC x 428-XX 1100~1300KV Brushless motor x 48×4~9×5 Propeller – 2 standard/2 reverse rotationUser manual available for download located under ‘Files’ tab. Note: All Hobbyking X series frames are purchased factory direct. We have worked closely with the factory engineers to ensure quality. All X series frames are CNC cut and accurately milled unlike many of the cheap frames available from Ebay or Chinese vendors that are drilled by hand in low tech factories. The Hobbyking X series also feature thicker GF main plates for added stength.

Price: $ 20.72
Sold by

Commercial glass is different than residential glass. Both are made from sand which has been melted down at extremely high temperatures in order to become clear and molded. It can be used in multiple applications. The regulatory oversight governing non-residential facilities is much stricter than in homes. That’s because commercial buildings are open to the public. A much greater number of individuals will be coming in contact with the facility. In order to keep everyone safe and the owner of the building from being liable for injuries, codes are much stricter for glass as well as all other materials used in a structure. This product is used in many different settings and the type required will be mandated by the circumstances and codes. The thickness and strength are notated by their grades. Here are some things to think about:

– Automobile windshields: Auto windshields and windows must be made to be shatterproof and durable. A car accident or even a fender bender could be lethal from shards cutting the driver and passengers without the shatterproof guarantee. Windshields have a number code imprinted on the lower corner to let motorists know what grade of glass it is. If a crack occurs, it can be patched in order to keep it intact and from spreading. It also can be replaced. Insurance companies often pay for full replacement costs so their insured customers can be safe.

– Storefront display windows: A storefront must have safe and durable products for several reasons. One is for attractiveness and clarity for showing the shop’s wares. Another is for the safety of their customers. No one wants a customer to be injured by an accidental breakage. Another reason is for theft resistant qualities. In the old days, thieves and burglars could simply cut the single panes and break in to rob a shop. Now modern day doors, windows and jewelry cases are strong enough to withstand burglaries.

– Mental hospitals and prisons: A mental hospital or prison requires an especially resistant material in order to keep everyone safe and contained. Even a chair thrown against one of these windows will not break. It’s more likely to hurt the potential escapee or break the chair than the pane of glass.

– Banks and military vehicles: These applications are designed to be resistant even to bullets. Now that’s a strong product!

– Day care centers and schools: Children must be protected from broken windows and doors, as well. An accidental shattering could seriously injure children or staff if breakable products are used. Even a stray basketball from the playground could cause havoc. The building codes that mandate thick and durable glasses are designed to protect the public.

– Fire safety: Not only are these products designed to withstand impacts that result in breakage, but they must withstand fire pressure, as well. A structural fire causes a great deal of pressurized atmospheric changes due to the heat which could shatter windows and doors. Shards of glass combined with flames would be treacherous indeed.

Windows of yesteryear were much more breakable than the products available today. Commercial glass manufacturing has come a long way in providing safety and durability. A trained craftsman is required to measure and install these products. This is not a job for a do-it-yourselfer.

If you are in need of a commercial glass Washington dc for more information please visit


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