Dealing with insomnia is probably one of the worst feelings ever. Not being able to fall asleep even though you want is absolute torture. With so many options out there, choosing the best sleep aid product is like finding a needle in a haystack; it’s just near impossible. The over-the-counter supplements don’t seem to work well enough while the prescription drugs just have too many side effects.

Having been an insomnia sufferer for years and having tried nearly every product on the market, I’m relieved to finally find an all natural sleep aid that really works. It’s called Sleep Once Again, a quick dissolving strip that contains 99.5% of high quality Melatonin along with 6 other Chinese herbs. These herbs are the Jujube Seed, Poria, Sichuan lovage, Zhi Mu, Chinese licorice, Luo Han Guo fruit. This proprietary blend of the Melatonin and the Chinese herbs combined with the patent-pending technology of the instant dissolve strips make Sleep Once Again the most effective sleep aid.

Unlike other products, you’ll be sleeping like a baby in as little as 15 minutes after taking your first dose. Instead of having to wait 30-45 minutes for a pill to dissolve in your stomach, the instant dissolve technology allows for instant absorption of the ingredients into your body.

Being just as strong as the prescription sleep aids, this product has absolutely no side effects whatsoever. Most products out there have horrible next-day side effects which make it almost impossible for normal functioning. It’s also not habit-forming because it’s made from all natural ingredients, you’re not introducing any habit-forming toxins into your body.

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Other factors one must take into consideration when suffering from lack of sleep or insomnia are caffeine consumption and depression. If you consume high amounts of caffeine, make sure to cut back your intake, especially 3-4 hours before sleep. If depression may be a concern for you, see a health care professional as soon as possible as sleep aid products will not help with depression.

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