Discount Price & Close look at dji Phantom 2 Vision + Plus

A closer look at dji Phantom 2 Vision + (Plus) Quadcopter drone UAV including information about getting it at a discount price. Includes comparison and some …
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7 Responses to Discount Price & Close look at dji Phantom 2 Vision + Plus

  • Grandpa Jake says:

    Thanks for the video. I would love to know how you are enjoying it and
    what other features you find different from the Vision. I was going to
    order mine next week but wanted to see what others are saying first. 

  • borgqueenx says:

    well this video is definatly not filmed using the gimbal xD!

  • MikesHDVideos says:

    Most people pay list price. Most likely the list price will change as
    older models have changed as newer models come out. My point is you do not
    have to pay list price. I got 5% off on list price.

  • xmunoz99 says:

    Thanks for the tips 

  • JD Clarke says:

    For DJI Phantom line, has a carbon fiber camera guard
    that protects the camera and gimbal when things don’t go as planned.

  • sketch6995 says:

    got my P2V+ yesterday, the gimbal is a huge improvement over the P2V. the
    camera is identical to the P2V, just in a different housing. also the new
    model only comes with a 4 gig sd card instead of the 32 gig like the last
    one. all in all im very happy with it. also its much faster than the old
    model. last but not least, all the props that came with it were badly out
    of balance, i had to balance the props before i could fly it. this model
    will do 60 mph, so be careful, in 3 seconds its a football field length
    away. i did that, doing a high speed test, glanced at the camera to see
    mph, it said 59 mph, and when i looked back up again the quad was gone out
    of sight, had to bring it home with the FPV camera……NICE NICE NICE

  • roninpa1 says:

    dosen’t say the list price ,,as it said it would????????


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