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A quick review of the Turnigy 4000mah 3S battery in a DJI Phantom FC40, available here: Please …
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  • Mike H says:

    Hi Mike! is it ok to use Phantom fc40 Battery Charger to charge this
    battery or it needs some other charger for maximum performance?
    +KuzyStuff Hi, Youtube seems to of deleted your comment so I have tried to
    add it back. Yes you can use the DJI charger but it will be a little slow
    as it can only output 3 amps and this battery requires 4 amps for a 1C

  • Fares Rady says:

    Hi Mike
    I just got a pair of these from hobbyKing
    *Dji Phantom 1 full loaded
    *Mini iosd
    *transmitter 600w
    *16 minutes + 🙂
    *Battery was @ 11.1 v
    *3.70 per cel
    semi aggressive flight
    40% hovering
    60% up down forward backward
    and the battery fit inside the phantom with no effort
    I just want to thanks you :))))


    u can buy from uk WH now? which shouldnt be any customs?

  • Monte H says:

    Is this really plug and play? Im getting conflicting results online people
    saying it requires modding to fit? 

  • limulus61 says:

    Hi Mike, I just got a pair of these from one of the US warehouses along
    with a IMAX B6-AC Charger/Discharger. Unfortunately for me, I was not able
    to get my first battery out of the battery compartment without ripping off
    most of the green cover. It slid in relatively easily. But, there is a
    post right in the center of the compartment that receives the camera mount
    screw from below. It sticks up just enough to grab the battery. I had to
    grab the battery with a pair of large vice grips to remove it and also most
    of the green cover. I’m not giving up and I think I may be able to grind
    off the post with a dremel tool and have better luck.

  • Colin Augustine says:

    this battery can use for phantom 1.1.1?

  • rebelforgod says:

    My 1st flight with this 4.0Ah in my otherwise stock FC40, did a 23 min GPS
    hover to Lv cutoff at 9.6v.

  • vinamel97 says:

    Hi Mike. I got my 4000 mah multistar batteries. I was wondering. How do
    you charge em?… do you use the regular charger that came with dji phantom
    set at Lipo?

  • Andrew Engel says:

    So which is the charger to buy? I am holding out on purchasing this battery
    because you said in the comments that you would post the video saying which
    charger to purchase. It has been about a week from that statement. if you
    don’t have time to upload the vid you can always just write the name of the
    charger and link for purchase :)

  • Zach Beydoun says:

    what flight time do you get?

  • heidebill says:

    Thanks for the video, Bill

  • Paul Baker says:

    sorry one other thing how long roughly does it take to charge on the
    standard charger

  • John C Bradley says:

    Are you from Mansfield?

  • Ramon Teuling says:

    Hey mike,
    does the shipping to the Netherlands cost any money?

  • David Ruiz says:

    I’m sure the answer is no but CAN the FC40 camera pan & tilt?

  • Othelious Baker says:

    hey nice video i got a 5000mah 3s 30c 11.1v battery and got 20 min fly time
    i’m going to try a 8000mah 3s 30c 11.1v when it comes in and see if i can
    get more on my phantom fc40 1.5. what do you think?

  • Albin Rangefelt says:

    Hi Mike,
    I just got a pair of these delivered from HobbyKing. I have an FC40 with 8″
    props and a Quanum Q-2D gimbal and a GoPro. With my previous batteries
    (Gens Ace 2700mah) I get about 10 minutes before the first low voltage
    alarm with semi-aggressive flying (was also testing the gimbal). With the
    Multistar batteries however I only seem to get about 8m30s! Same results
    for both of them. Not sure what’s wrong here, so I wanted to ask for your
    thoughts… Could I have gotten a bad batch of batteries? Is the extra
    weight of the Multistar battery (60g more) pushing my Phantom over the
    edge? (total weight with gimbal and the multistar battery is about 1100g).
    Do I need to adjust the voltage alarm levels in the Phantom? Do I need to
    charge them in some special way? (I was just using the charger that came
    with the Phantom at 3A.)
    Thanks for these videos btw, they were very helpful!

  • Sandy Trevor says:

    It’s a tight fit getting all the wires stowed so the door will close with
    the standard DJI battery (105mm long). How the heck do you get the wires
    in with a battery that is 10mm longer? I’m anxious to try the 4000 battery
    because I only get 8 minutes with the stock FC40 camera, and only 5 minutes
    when I install the GLB gimbal & GoPro (285gm). Maybe the prop guards
    disrupt airflow enough to reduce flight time…

  • phoneguylms says:

    thanks for great videos, this and the how to. I did buy one of these
    batteries before I realized it didn’t quite fit. Thanks for instructions on
    other video, how to trim behind the door. QUESTION: when I plug the battery
    into my FC40 charger, the 2 amp and charging LEDs light alternating. Any
    clue what’s wrong?


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