H107C HD Camera Quad: http://www.xheli.com/71h-102-h107c-mini-quad-hd-cam.html H107L Micro Quad: http://www.xheli.com/71h-101-h107p-mini-quad-led.html These …

10 Responses to Hubsan X4 H107L & H107C Quadcopter w/ HD Camera

  • Lj Akins says:

    Is this strong enough to hold a GoPro?

  • RekcaH 17 says:

    Is it possible to make that camera stream?

  • Byron Fernandez says:

    What’s better this or the

  • RekcaH 17 says:

    Lol, fly inside someone’s home….

  • doug fish says:

    Lol if you try to get a helicopter with camera good luck finding one cheap
    because if you do dont buy it iv made my mistakes but this quad copter holy

  • 222BRNO says:

    Just got x4 107c today,the left hand joystick will not operate the thrust
    but the right one controls the thrust but wont turn off,any help will be
    most helpful thanks

  • Ran Ran Rising says:

    Shout out to Hubsan here. Though countless copycats of the design have
    emerged at about half the price, the Hubsan is superior in build quality
    and material used. 

  • edgaropl says:

    How much memory does Your sd card have? How much video can You record on

  • Orazio Acquario says:

    The HUBSAN H107L and HUBSAN H107C have the same speed ? same engines ?

  • Robert Condon says:

    Amazing mini quad although Dont get the camera one
    Great for beginners you cannot break it unless you fly into the pool. Like


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