AD1 Frame: Action Drone USA SKYZONE FPV GOGGLES are probably the most innovative FPV gear …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is the outdoor FPV Flight video of Walkera Ladybird V2 FPV mini quadcopter with Devo F4 radio. We also found out that the 5.8ghz Video Transmitter onboa…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 Responses to Testing SkyZone FPV Goggles and also 11″ Props for our AD1 Quadcopter

  • mark calayag says:

    Darryl, what type of antennas are those on your googles? Can you please
    link them where you got them? I’m getting skyzone googles, how much range
    distance are getting on those antennas ?

  • Renato Elias says:

    Darryl, you probably have experience with Dominators and could say
    something about how these goggles compare with them.

  • Michael Etherington says:

    So no FPV camera, flying it through the Go Pro? Kristian doing a diff FPV
    job on my AD1 (what I provided; Immersion 600mw vtx with 600TVL camera and
    Fatshark Attitude V2) as well as 11″ props. Looking forward to seeing how
    it goes.

  • audley burrell says:

    I have a Hali 500 and searching desperately for a fpv goggle but everyone I
    look at says it’s not compatible with receivers from China or where the
    hell ever the Hali is made. If anyone can shoot me a email and give me some
    insight on a good Goggle it would be appreciated. Good vid btw

  • audley burrell says:

    My bad. I don’t know why I keep saying the hali for. It’s the walkera tali

  • Peter Hunsader says:

    That’s a piece of crap! 

  • Ricardo Teixeira-FPV says:

    I can use my fatshark attitude with ladybird? They have the same frequency?

  • TheGta4you says:

    for fuck’s sake dont u ever let a your kid near the road !

  • Long John says:

    I was waiting for a car to come along while it was hovering over the road
    ….. One of the drawbacks to FPV flying is you can’t sense what is behind

    Loved the passion and excitement in your narration, you could tell you were
    having fun … What good are these Big Kid toys if they don’t make you feel
    like a kid again ….

  • hazonku says:

    Love your videos Ali! I decided to get this as my first quad & when it
    arrives I plant to use a modified Vuzix 920Wrap I already had with it via
    the Devo’s composite out. I’ll be sure to post some video when I do. Would
    be nice if cheap movie/phone goggles might be a better alternative for us
    newcomers. Guess we’ll find out.

  • The Computer Clinic padilla says:

    so fake, i was there, the was another guy flying the drone. dont play,
    dumb. ok

  • Copter Hubsan says:

    Can anybody please help, is not experience fatshark viewing I can only
    imagine it’s like flying in the nose of the quadcopter, how does the screen
    view experience compare to FPV goggles. 

  • Issam Lababidi says:

    Hello Ali,
    Do you know if it is compatible also with skyzone goggles??

  • Bullraemus says:

    That was funny… thanks for the laughs :-)

  • Saeed Asadollahi says:



    Awesome video I can’t believe fat goggles work straight off the bat I think
    I found my 1st fps model 

  • Rashad Anderson says:

    When I notice that white thing under you was a huge plane I was like WTF 

  • Neto humberto says:

    help my
    I do not know my G-2D plug on walkera x350

  • EnFlaMEd says:

    I just picked up one of these, my first quadcopter! Not sure if its my lack
    of skill or setup but I cant seem to get mine to fly stably at all. The
    thing just shoots all over the shop!

  • Estabanwatersaz says:

    Loves that. Thanks 


    Can anyone tell me how to pair goggles to the ladybird ? 

  • bukueOner says:

    For some reason all i could think about in this whole video was who was the
    guy that put down all those bricks for that insanely long sidewalk with no
    one on it, because i wanna shake that dudes hand.


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